Notion Template Life Organizer 2023 (September Update)

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Notion Template - Life Organizer 2023

Every year, I make myself a dashboard to organize my year and my life. My dashboard is set up according to my goals.

This dashboard is composed of :

  • Challenges of the year
  • Life section ⇒ Organize my goals and my life
    • 2023 goals (organized by category)
    • My Routine and my habits to put in place according to my goals
    • My Agenda (organized by month). Each month is made up of goals to be achieved, a to-do list per week and a habit tracker
    • NEW : Habit tracker per week
    • My Balance Sheet (to be done after each quarter)
    • NEW : 75 hard/soft days challenge light version tracker
  • Organize my projects outside of work
    • Management of my social networks
    • Other projects (example: Notion template, personal project)
    • Contact (networking), list of contacts to have a traceability of my network
  • Health
    • Centralize the elements that allow me to take care of my body and my mind
    • Sport routine: my sports program of the week
    • Routine foods and recipe ideas (examples)
    • Appointments with the doctor
    • Measurements to track my sports results
  • Finance and Freelance => To manage my money
    • Finance tracker: to trace my finances (inflows and outflows of money)
    • Freelancing: to list my inflows and outflows of money as part of my freelance projects + deadlines to remember
  • Learn => To trace the progress of my learning on my favorite subjects
    • Sewing (skills to be strengthened)
    • My list of books to read
    • My planned training
  • Lifestyle => To manage my apartment or make personal lists for travel
    • Personal Lists
    • Apartment organization (expenses to plan, project to set up ...)

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Notion Template Life Organizer 2023 (September Update)

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