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Notion Template - Social Media Organizer 2023

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Social Media Organization Dashboard

Centralize all your content creation on Notion (from idealization to planning)

This dashboard is divided into several sections

  • Quick Access
    • Track your goals, and list your strategies
    • Centralize your inspirations and content ideas by type of social networks
    • Centralize the links of your content (branding link, templates, canvas link, etc.)
    • Centralize the contacts of collaborators and sponsors. (It is also possible to link collaborators / sponsors to your posts)
  • Links to your social networks
  • Status-shaped Goals to track progress
  • Content status
    • The list of your posts organized by status (to do, in progress, done)
    • This section has several page templates by type of post on social networks
  • Schedule
    • Takes over the list of your posts in calendar format to have an overall view of your calendar.
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Notion Template - Social Media Organizer 2023

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